Friday, November 2, 2007

The Creative Process

People often ask about the genesis of my morning missives. For me, writing is a spiritual process. It's also intensely personal. Often I'm inspired by the previous day's events, but a simple leaf falling or wandering cloud can ignite my inner muse.

Once I've settled on the day's theme, there are often several drafts before I deem my writing worthy of an audience. Here now is an exclusive backstage view into my creative process before the rough draft is molded into its final product.

Notice the use of pi, both in lower and upper-case. I felt these characters had a pleasing symmetry, yet something was wrong with their tone and balance. I eventually settled on a long string of S's and B's, interspersed with the occasional greater-than-or-equal sign, which to me expresses convergence over a continuum.

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Christopher said...

Now that it is no longer baseball season this is our new favorite post (excluding the gnu post).
- C&L